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Virtual Swayamvar 3.0

To connect Prospective Brides & Grooms

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What is virtual Swayamvar?

The Virtual Swayamvar is a unique concept, beating the odds of the pandemic,  location, time and distance. In a short time, the team was able to build an impactful application catering to different segments in a marriage process including on the spot horoscope matching.

Would like to see the team achieve many feats in the future and pave way for a seamless virtual experience.

This is a Swayamvar! Not just an exchange of Profiles.

Find Your Perfect Partner

Marriage is a very Special occasion in everybody’s life!

That’s more colourful if you have a Partner of your Choice!

In the present Pandemic time, it’s a big task to arrange the Parichay Sammelan or any such Matchmaking events.

For those Employed/Settled Abroad it’s much more difficult!



Profile Exchange

Text Chat

Horoscope Matching

Match Making



Video Profiling is the unique feature of our Virtual Swayamvar…

100% Secured

100% Privacy

User Friendly


On the Landing Page, Click the ‘Register Now’ button. Then Choose the plan (There are 2 plans available. One is the Basic plan. It’s for free. Another one is the Premium plan). After Payment, You will get the registration form. Fill the all required fields. Upload your profile picture (JPG, JPEG, PNG)& Horoscope (PDF). Then enter your email and password and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Click ‘Forgot Password’ button in the login popup. Enter your Registered mail ID. You will get a link by mail to reset your password.

Please check Spam/Promotion folders. Sometime the server forwards the mail by default.

You have to create two Profiles with two different mail ids?

For the profile picture, you should upload JPG / JPEG / PNG.
For the horoscope, you should only upload a single page PDF file.

The registration fee for Virtual Swayamvar is only Rs. 550/- (One Time Payment). No additional Fees.

No, After the registration, we will review and approve your account. Only then you can log in.

No, After the registration, we will review and approve your account. Only then you can log in.

No, you can view others’ profiles only during the event.

The virtual swayamvar 2.0 event will be conducted from 17th January 2021 to 24th January 2021.

After the login, you can update your profile, submit your video profile, and so on…

Video Profile, Horoscope Matching, Match Making Session are covered on one time Registration fee. No need to pay additional fees for these features.

It’s the right opportunity to meet many Partner profiles in one place. You can get a clear idea if a person and preferences and make right choice. At the time of Corona Pandemic, you can interact virtually and make a smart choice. In case you have any doubt on issues like Horoscope matching, you can get it clarified face to face. Decision making is fine very fast.

If you have any other queries, please use the chat window. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Third Edition of Brahman Swayamvar – Date to be announced soon.

Online Profile Exchange – Date to be announced soon.